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Melbourne and Victoria

1001 Dinners 1001 Nights
A Dash Of Flavour
A Few of My Favourite Things
A Gastronomical Voyage in Melbourne
A Goddess in the Kitchen
Absolutely Famished
Addictive & Consuming (Jeroxie)
After Apple-picking
Albarino to Zinfandel
Alley Life
Arale Food Journal
As Easy as (Vegan) Pie
At My Table
Backseat Baristas
Backyard Pizzeria
Bake It Off
Baking for Thoughts
Beans and Barley
Because that’s what I DO
Beer Blokes – The Organic Blog
Breakfast Blog
Breakfast in the S.K.Y.
Breakfast One Suburb at a Time
Brush Floss Rinse
Burch and Purchese
Butter Sugar Flour
Café Porridge
Chew on This
Chit Chat Chomp
Chokecherry Pancakes
Coffee of the week
Coffee Review Australia
Confessions of a Food Nazi
Cook (almost) Anything at Least Once
Cooked and Bottled in Brunswich
Cooking and the City
Cooking Down Under – The Blog
Cooking in Melbourne
Cooking with Goths
Crap Kraft Dinner
Crushed guava
Cruxie Faye
Daily Veg
Daylesford and Hepburn Mineral Springs Co
Daylesford Organics
Dedicated 2 Food
Dedicated 2 Soup
Deep Dish Dreams
Disciplined Self Indulgence
Does My Bomb Look Big In This?
Dragon Musings
Eat (almost) Anything at Least Once
Eat Out in Melbourne
Eating Melbourne
Eating Our Way Up High Street
Eating With Jack
Epicureal Epiphanies
EssJay Eats
Ethno Cooking
Everything Goes With Cream
Fairest Feed
Fat Feminist Foodie
Fill Up On Bread
Fitzroyalty – Food
Five Types of Sugar
Flagrant Food Fawning
Food Addicts Anonymous
Food Fable
Food Lover’s Journey
Food Rehab: The Tastebud Diaries
Food Stuff Melb
Food with Thought
Fooddesigner’s Weblog
Foodie Wanderings
Foodie File
Footscray Food Blog
For the love of beans!
Full as a Goog
Gifts From The Kitchen
Girl That Loves to Cook
Global Gobbler
Gluten Shmooten
Gluttony – Fine Dining Review
Gluttony Gluttony
Good food: Eat Well, Live Healthy
Gourmet Challenge
Gourmet Digs
Gourmet Worrier
Great Ocean Road Restaurant
Greedy Gourmand
Green Cheese
Green Gourmet Giraffe
Greg’s Brunch Wrap
Grub’s Recipes
Guide to the Victorian Markets
Happee Monkee
High Fidelity
Highly Hopped
Holgate Brew Blog
Hungry Hamster’s Food Adventure
I Ate it All … Play with your food
I eat I drink I work
I Eat Therefore I Am
I Just Ate it
I Like Pub
Ice Tea Sugar High
Iron Chef Shellie
It’s All About Flavour
J’s Kitchen
Jenny Loves to Eat
Jules Gourmand
Juliette’s Food Spot
Kitchen Fun with Ti
Kitchen Playground
Kitchen Wench
Ky Speaks
Last Appetite
Laws of the Kkitchen
Lazy Life of Me
Le fang Le kwatsa
Let us sit and eat … and rate
Librarian and the Kitchen
Life Without Gluten
Loam Restaurant
Madam Kwong’s Kitchen
Meals on a Budget
Melbies and Foodies
Melbourne Beer Baron
Melbourne Café Reviews
Melbourne Coffee Review
Melbourne Delectable
Melbourne Dining Experiences
Melbourne Epicure
Melbourne Food Tales
Melbourne Foodie
Melbourne Gastronome
Melbourne Kitchen Tales
Melbourne Larder
Melbourne Ramblings
Melbourne Restaurant Reviews
Melbourne Vegan
Mishka La Mushka
Miss T: Princess Vegan
More To Love Vegan
My Aching Head
My Belly is my Friend
My Delicious Blog
My Food Trail
My Kitchen Kit
My Melbourne Food Blog
New Epicurean
No Eggs or Nuts
Notes From My Kitchen
Nourish Me
Nutmeg’s Café
Off the Spork
Only Turkish Food
Passing Judgement
Passionate about Life
Pour Quality
Ravenous Melbourne
Rise up and bake
Rubber Ninja vs The Big Smoke
Ryan on Coffee
Sarah Cooks
Serendipitously Delicious
Sharing My Interests
Should You Eat That?
Slicing Almonds and Zesting Lemons
Slow Beer
Smell & Taste Are My Memory
Smell My Olive Ppits
Spatual, Spoon and Saturday
Spikey Mikeys
Sporks and Spoonerisms
St Ali
Stephen Downes
Story Wines
Student on a Budget
Sublime Pizza on Thursday
Suck my radish
Sunnybrae Restaurant and Cooking School
Sweet Cherrie Pie
Sweet Treats
Syrup and Tang
Tammi Tasting Terroir
Taste Buds Galore
Tea Finely Brewed
Ten dollar meals in melbourne
That Jess Ho
The Happiest Hour
The See Food Diet
Thermomix in North East Victoria
Thus Bakes Zarathustra
Tinto y Blanco
Totally Addicted to Taste
Trotski & Ash
Tummy Rumbles
Two Fat Ronnies
Vic Cherikoff
Unwakeable: Lisa Dempster
Van’s Wonderland
Vanilla Slice Blog
Vicious Ange
Vicki Vegan
Wanting Kneading
What I Cooked Last Night.
What Katie Ate
What’s for Dinner
What’s for tea?
Where to Eat? What to Eat?
Where’s the Beef?
Why You Want This Wine
Wine Jam
Wine Week
Words and Flavours


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  1. Cherrie says:

    Can you please add me to your list for Melb?

    thanks heaps 🙂

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